2020 GLOWALK! ~ Bioluminescent Mushroom Walk!

Omplalotus subilluden, Jill O'Lantern by Taylor Lockwood, Mt. Dora, FL

The GLOWALK! will meet in front of Campbell Assembly Hall at 8:30 pm after the FANTASIA Benefit Dinner IF and only IF we find bioluminescent species during our day walks. We probably will! Several of our glow species are winter blooming species in Florida.

Ravine Gardens State Park is home to several glow in the dark or bioluminescent mushroom varieties. We have identified several Mycenas, Panellus stipticus and Omphalotus subilludens so far. The whole idea of moving the festival to the Ravine came about from noticing these mushrooms while walking our dogs. The more we walked our dogs, the more species of mushrooms kept appearing. We wondered how many glowed? Now, all of us can have the unique opportunity to photograph these species in the dark while glowing. One year we will catch them out!

Why do some mushrooms glow in the dark is a question that has been asked for thousands of years. To be noticed? Ever notice that one lone amanita standing in the darkest spot in the woods, so white it looks almost to be glowing? Or a bright egg yolk colored chantrelle standing out in a dark wet clump of live oak leaves? Differnt critters see different colors in different ways as well as have different sensitivities to light. Do the mushrooms just want their spores spread? Is light just a way to attract specific insect and critters that they want to spread their spores? Is the trick working on us, in that, we are selling and spreading their spore just because they are cool and light up? Are we being like special pollinators in insects???

Glow Gardens are Fun! Put a couple of glow logs in your favorite meditation garden for Fun! See who or what shows up for the new night energy. Place them along a walk way or near a bedroom window so you can see them inside your home right after sun down. We all know mushrroms are special but are the insects they attract special? Ours have attracted lizards that have gotten quite fat. Do glowshrooms increase the predatory insects in a garden as a means of biological insect control? Would they make a difference in your veggie patch???

The main thing is that no one knows much about them. They abound in superstition. They are very unresearched and few have ever been studied. If Webster defines magic as unexplained natural phenomena, then, I quess, we have more unexplained natural phenomena surrounding mushrooms or MUSHROOM MAGIC!!!!

Omplalotus subilluden, Jill O'Lantern by Taylor Lockwood, Mt. Dora, FL

Cordyceps growing out of Florida Mosquito cartoon by Carmen Thompson, 2019 Adult Art Contest Winner

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