Go Batty!


Go Batty!! Bat Houses

Go Batty!! is an integrated and sustainable insect control program based on habitate creation. One can easily establish a healthy bat colony by placing a small bat house on a 15 foot pole in an open spot. Bats patrol often so they will find it. Check it in a few weeks with flash light in day light to check on population. They are small and black and hard to see. House will be heavier than when empty. Carefully move full bat house to an open but more shaded location. Add more sections at new location. I recommend putting 2 large houses back to back as a complete colony but 4 can also be easily assembled to form a larger colony. Small houses hold 50 to75. Large houses hold 135 to150 per house. Do not nail bat houses when full of bats (use dark, after dusk hours). If you drop a bat house full of bats ~ DON”T FREAK OUT! Just put it back where it was and they will go back in. Wait a few weeks before U try moving it again. They are quit smart, trainable and understanding little creatures ~ it‘s OK. They might fly around you if you drop them but they are just freaking out and will calm down in a minute.

Bats are quite friendly. They have personalities a lot like cats, independent and like to take care of themselves. Seem to show much pride in their flying skills! Bats closest relative is the lemur, a primate, a very close relative of apes and humans. They have opposable thumbs! Bats train quickly and are easy to make friends with ~ by tossing smelly cat treats in the air near them. Bats catch on quick, literally very very quick! Soon they will eat out of your hand but don’t jump the 1st time. The 1st time is spooky scary but neat and very very fast! They might look you in the eye as they can see as well as humans. Our little flying monkeys are quite social and will adapt to your home’s patterns very quickly. As your populations grow, you can establish other colonies nearby or encourage your neighbors. Bats will not overpopulate their insect diet. A stable number of bats will become established depending on insect quanities available.

Never bother or try to feed sleeping bats. They are wild animals that deserve respect not mention are MEAN aggressive biters. Bat colonies given “an edge” with a nice strong insulated house are usually very healthy and strong. We have wonderfully strong and healthy insect population here in Florida so nice bat colonies are very easy to maintain for years. Cypress house should provide a happy bat home for many years but if you see dead bats under your house call the state veterianian. Some type of poisoning has occurred and should be reported. Bats are an excellent security system on may levels. By being Earth’s/Florida’s leading mosquito and flying insect predator, bats control most tropical diseases by controlling the insects who spread them. They drive away disease spreading birds who like to nest and spread feces on building faces and chimneys.

Humans have shared caves with bats for millions of years ~ both bats and humans were healthy and thriving then. All was happy. Our bat populations are in serious trouble just as are our human populations. Bats compete with us in no way for food and produce nothing bad. They are worth nothing to a destructive world. Colonies are being destroyed very rapidly due to our lack of interest and fairy tales. Healthy bats don’t spread rabies or any disease ~ they cure it. These gentle friends and essential allies are the only re-seeder of many tropical and desert plants. Bat Man is the good guy!!!!

For small colony starting houses or large colony houses contact Pat High at pmhigh@yahoo.com or 386-546-6554. Website ~ Amazed ~ www.pmhigh.com. Free bat consultations anytime anywhere.


How to Love a Bat Colony

Bats are Florida’s number 1 mosquito predator and a massive predator of large, adult flying insects. Bats love our lake and water insect populations. Just as Florida raises insects incredibly well, Florida raises bats equally well .Bat colonies are easy to attract and maintaining a healthy colony is simple. Just put up a bat house. You never have to feed or water bats ever!!!!

1. Put up small Go Batty! Bat House on pole or tree in open space exactly 12 to15 feet off of ground.

2. Let sit and watch for bats on insect patrol at night.

3. Look inside with flash light for bats in a few weeks.

4. If bat house is in direct afternoon sun, move bat house with colony inside in day light to nearby shade (a few feet away). It might be heavy ~ don’t drop it!

5. Add bigger box. Can put houses back to back on pole or around large tree trunks ~ 12 to 15 feet from ground. Can add to trees over large area once bats get the idea!

6. Look occasionally (but not often) up into bat house in daylight hours to check on colony.

7. Bats are very intelligent mammals that will raise babies in your Go Batty! Bat house. They will easily train and become pets that will eat tossed food from the air. Cat treats, smelly fresh raw meat treats and small sliced pieces of Slim Jims work well when tossed in air during early evening flying when they first begin leaving the house. Some will become friendly and want to be feed often.


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