Ravine Gardens State Park Maps

Ravine Gardens State Park is one of the nine New Deal-era state parks in Florida. It has remained relatively untouched since that time. The park has two ravines up to 120 feet deep with steep banks at 45 degree angles. Unlike common gullies, trenches or sinkholes caused by temporary flooding these steephead ravines are permanent features with a spring-fed creek that never dries up called Whitewater Branch. The underground water bubbling up cuts into the bank and carries the sand and soil downstream to the nearby St. Johns River. Over thousands of years the ravines have widened and deepened to what you see today. In 1933, the ravines were transformed into a dramatic garden by the federal Works Progress Administration. Some of the original landscaping still exists as formal gardens and a unique system of trails. A additional 1.8-mile paved road winds around the ravines offering visitors many dramatic views. The Ravine is one of the most bio-diverse spots in North Florida.

Numerous picnic sites, equipped with tables and grills are available throughout. The Roy E. Campbell Civic Center complex features a large covered pavilion, auditorium and meeting rooms. Contact the park office at (386) 329-3721.

Website ~ https://www.floridastateparks.org/park/Ravine-Gardens.

Take video tour ~ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6Uu7QzKvI1M&list=PLdJsfJHYARUU0qdOCnGUBh9x6annM0UAo&index=32.

Best Map for Detail ~ only on-line

Free Map ~ always available at Assemble Hall and park office

Cordyceps growing out of Florida Mosquito cartoon by Carmen Thompson, 2019 Adult Art Contest Winner

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