Full Moon Drumming Circle at Dandelion Community Cafe, Orlando, full moon check dates


1st Saturday New Smyrna Beach Art Stroll on Canal Street 10:00 - 4:00


4th Saturday New Smyrna Beach Art Wine Walk on Flagler Ave. 10:00 - 7:00

1st Friday Art Walk, Mossman Hall, Melrose, 6 to 10 pm




January 12, 2019 Florida Mushroom Festival, Ravine Gardens State Park

http://www.pmhigh.com/fest.htm January 20-21 Psychic Arts Fair, Gainesville

January 31 Full Moon Circle at Dandelion Community Cafe, Orlando


February 7-11 Florida Earthskills Gathering, Hawthorne


September 29 ARTlando, Loch Haven Park, Orlando



Environmental Discussion Group Class

Every Tuesday 6:00 - 8:00 ~ Bring Snack

Interlachen Community Center

See http://pmhigh.com/enviroclass.htm

Make a Mushroom Bag Workshops

July 14, Interlachen Community Center, 3 - 4

Come stuff a bag with straw, add some oyster mushroom spawn, wait 3 weeks and pink mushrooms growing right outta your bag!!!

Integrated Sustainability Classes!!!

1. Integrated Sustainability and Your Situation ~ A look at the Nature of Florida, our homes, our neighborhood communities and towns. Integrating our natural and human communities ~ sustainability. Florida and what's here. Technology and what's there. Let Nature do the work! A class overview.

2. Solar ~ Passive & Photo Electric Panels, direct vs storage, AC vs DC. A look at my 2 systems, products available both natural and manufactured. We will take apart an old panel and remount sections where we please.

3. Complete & Balanced Protein Raising! Shiitakes and $$$. We will plug logs with 3 types Shiitake spawn. Animals are expensive & don't do well in Florida. See my mature logs.

4. water Water WATER, DC pumps, irrigation, distillation and major political water issues. Quantity and quality. Dousing lessons for pure water and heavy metals. Take apart my solar water pumping and distillation systems.

5. SOILS, soil building, usable water, BUILDING SUBSTRUCTURE IN SANDS! pH, friability, porosity, particle size, and chemistry or Soils Class 101. Everything starts out & ends up Soil and Water. All natural!

6. Integrated Native Gardens, edible Eden and plant quality. Make your entire land one integrated harmonious edible unit of total tasty community. Or apartment!

7. Biological control/balancing agents ~ insects rearing & herbs, alotta $$$! Look at my ladybugs, lacewings and nematodes raising projects. It's easy! Florida ~ The Bug State! Feeds our birds and fish AND native trees!!!!!!

8. Native Trees ~ building soil substructure & soil water ~ Life and BIRDS and bugz. Tree rearing, olive trees, insects/bee rearing, alotta $$$ in bugs and trees. We will plant tree building geothermal generator under it. Trees hold alotta protein and few fresh vitamins!!!

9. Roads in sand and substructure. Friability, water and particle size. NATIVE TREES and rocks BUILD substructure. Anchors and dirt!. Ancient Roman road construction from a soil & water engineer.

10. Security Alerts ~ Dogs, cats, gadgets, signs, BIRDS. For the garden and for house security. Natural factors. Meet my wolves.

11. Native critters ~ gotta love 'em ~ snakes to bears ~ Why? It's a balanced matrix! You've never been on a walk in the woods until a wolf takes you ~ my wolves will teach this one! Children encouraged!!!!

12. Native American Structures using old/new materials. Let's adapt to Nature ~ stop fighting Mother Nature! Integrated and sustainable ancient structures from East and West. Will build/hold simple sweat. All natural!!

13. Land Spirits, Native Spirits ~ employees or enemies ~ songs, dances, haunts. Grids. Meet 'em. Use 'em. Positive integration into the unseen world. Bring drum, life song and wolves, etc.

Florida looks to be lagging behind when it comes to protecting our many resources particularly water quality/quantity. Living with our environment instead of living off of it is still anew idea to some. Much is happening in other Southern States. Extension service or community sponsored sustainability classes don't exist here? Could it be time to start re-establishing strong community resources locally ~ getting what we really need to live alittle closer to home? Because I see our situation as getting critical and having been involved with several sustainable communities as a consultant over the past 30+ years, I have decide to start a class. I have lived off grid raising wolves in an integrated self sustaining way for 22 years. I have an MS in Ag/Environmental Engineering and moved to Florida 9 years ago from Tennessee where self sustaining communities are quite plentiful ~ whether a Minninite, 2nd Son Community, religious or nudest, commune or old world community ~ I've learned water is water and life is life.

Campers welcome. Donations accepted.

Pat High, MS Ag/Envir Engineer, off grid for 35 years, 386-546-6554.

www.pmhigh.com or pmhigh@yahoo.com

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