Interlachen Community Center

135 Hwy 315 South, Interlachen

1st Tuesday 6:00 ~ 8:00 ~ Bring Snack



Feb 05 OYSTER MUSHROOM Bag Making and the Florida Mushroom Festival by Pat High and Tree Frog. Make-a-Bag of straw and oyster mushroom spawn while we discuss the Florida Mushroom Festival! How can we make it better!!!

March 5 PERMICULTURE and Our Bed by group. Let's reviltize our permiculture bed and see what happened over the winter. Bring cool herbs to plant and whatever!

April 2 GINGER CLASS ~ Ginger Beer and Growing GIngers in Florida by Pat High. We will bottle Ginger Beer while we drink last year's kick a** Ginger Beer. We will have starts available for several gingers available like turmeric, cardamon, pine cone, white, Asian. We will have ginger ccokies! Bring your ginger roots to share!




June 23 Florida SunShine ~ 2 solar panels, a fan and battery. Can you make it work? by Pat High, Ag/Envir Engineer

June 30 Solar Pumps ~ High tech low flow magicians! Bring your Pump to class day! by Pat High, Ag/Envir Engineer

July 07 Our Soils and Sands, How to Use Them by Prissy Fletcher, Putnam County Extension Agent and Florida Soils Expert

July 14 Mushroom Raising in Florida ~ Come make Pink Oysters on Straw by Pat High, Ag/Envir Engineer

July 21 Medicinal Mushroom Raising in Florida by Scott Truman

July 28 Worm Casting Raising ~ Come get some Worms! by Avery Owens

Aug. 04 Making Soaps with Shiitakes by Sheila Shroom

Aug. 11 Worms & Worm Casting Raising ~ Come get some Worms! by Our Vital Earth, Apopka, One of Florida's oldest and most successful Worm Farms

Aug. 18 Our Soils and Sands, How to Use Them by Prissy Fletcher, Putnam County Extension Agent and Florida Soils Expert

Aug. 25 Field Trip ~ Royal Manor Winery ~ Fermentation by Joe Pasco ~ MEET AT CENTER or winery, http://www.royalmanorwinery.com or 386-916-8909

Sept 01 Predatory Insect Raising at Home, Ladybugs, Praying Mantis, Parasitic Wasp by Pat High, Predatory Insect Raiser, Interlachen (Rescheduled for hurricane)

Sept 08 How to Train Your Dog or Farm Dog by Jon Wedemeyer, owner/trainer, North Florida K9 Behavior Center, http://www.nfk9bc.com, Gainesville

Sept 15 Right Now in Florida with Michael Woodward, Interlachen Land Use Law Attorney

Sept. 22 Palm Frond Art and Construction, Come Make a Hat! by Willy the Losen, Master palm frond artist!

Sept. 29 Permaculture, Make Our Own Composting Deep Soil Bed at Center! by Karen Sherwood, Master of healthy living!

Oct. 06 BEARS! Living with Our Interlachen BEARS! by Natalie Alweener, Florida Fish & Wildlife Bear Expert

Oct. 13 Our Flordia Sea Turtle's, Dolphin's & Whale's Health by Bill Clark, Turtle, Dolphin & Whale Ambulance Driver and State Biologist, retired

Oct. 20 Sandhill Cranes ~ Interlachen�s Own by Tim Dellinger, State Sandhill Crane Expert, FWRI-Avian Research

Oct. 27 GATORS! Living with Our GATORS! by Steve Steiger, Alligator Management Program, Florida Florida Fish & Wildlife, ** AT LIBRARY

Nov. 03 Ice Cream Raising by Karen DeConna Jersey Creamery, McIntosh, raised her own cows from babies, her own recipes, Florida's BEST Ice Cream! ** AT LIBRARY

Nov. 10 Olive Raising in Interlachen by Prissy Fletcher, Putnam Co. Extension Agent just back from olive growing classes in Italy!

Nov. 17 Predatory Insect Raising at Home, Ladybugs, Praying Mantis, Parasitic Wasp by Pat High, Predatory Insect Raiser, Interlachen

Nov 29 Pine Needle Christmas Basket Making by Tree Frog. Ancient Native American basket making using local pine needles for Holidays. Smells Great!

Dec 06 Making Holiday Ornaments and Decorations from Forest/Swamp/Local Stuff by Tree Frog and Pat High and Everybody!!!!

Dec 13 Turkey Tail Tea by Tree Frog. Turkey tail mushroom (Trametes versicolor) raising, wild harvesting and making tea. Extremely medically active, healthy and lots wild locally!

Dec 20 Candle Making by Pat High and Tree Frog. Make hand dipped and poured Holiday Candles. Bring your old left over candle wax! We will melt it all together and dip and pour and add Merry! Old Northern European Tradition! Happy Solstice Party! Pot Luck PARTY and REFRESHMENTS!!!!!

Dec 27 Astrology for 2017 by Pat High and Tree Frog. We will discuss 2017's big dates, weather and interesting astrological stuff. What's happenin' for your sign?


Jan 03 Predatory Insect Raising at Home, Ladybugs, Praying Mantis, Parasitic Wasp, Dragonflies/Damsel Flies, Ant Lions/Lacewings by Pat High, Predatory Insect Raiser, Interlachen, Free predatory wasp attracting plants! Pesticides Are Not Necessary!!!

Jan 10 Mushroom Raising and the Giant Shiitake Mushroom Festival by Pat High. Introduction to 'shrooming and the FESTIVAL this Saturday!!!

Jan 17 **ReScheduled** ~ Loving our Gopher Tortoises by Richard Franz. One of the World's Top Gopher Tortoise researchers and experts and lives locally! Just held Gopher Tortoise Expo Jan 12-15 so very Right Now!

Jan 24 Right Now in Florida with Michael Woodward, Interlachen Land Use Law Attorney

Jan 31 Kefir, Ginger/ Turmeric/Root Beers and a Thousand Other Things Fermented by Susanne Cracker. Local cracker that makes everything Florida and very deliciously!!!!

Feb 7 Interlachen, Florida by Mayor Ken Larsen. Our mayor is going to tell us What's Happenin' and What's Up for Interlachen!!! Feb 14 Ice Cream Raising by Karen DeConna Jersey Creamery, McIntosh, raised her own cows from babies, her own recipes, Florida's BEST Ice Cream! Come try it!

Feb 21 The Mariola Honey Bee, Latin American Stingerless Honey Bee's Healing Secrets by Jose Corvisier, New ancient bee that loves North Florida! Buy some Interesting Holiday Honey! www.mieldemariola.com/new

Feb. 28 Soil-borne Plant Pathogens: The Opportunists Lurking Underground! by Prissy Fletcher. M.S. Soil Pathology, Univ. of Florida, Putnam Co. Extension Agent

March 07 Ginger Beer PARTY! Magical probiotic drink! We will use Asian ginger, culinary ginger (white ginger), turmeric, cardamon, giant, pine cone and variegated gingers to make your brews. Bottle it and take it home workshop. Will have pre-made samples. Bring your own interesting flavor/herb additives or gingers. We will bring bottles and our capper.

March 14 Kombucha Making by Tree Frog. Magical probiotic drink! We will brew black tea, add sugar and scoby! Practice bottling on some already fermented! Let's save our lives and get nutrition!

March 21 **ReScheduled** ~ Loving Our Gopher Tortoises by Richard Franz. One of the World's Top Gopher Tortoise researchers and experts and lives locally!

March 28 Honey Bees Right Now Right Here! How to raise them and what will happen by Gary D Van Cleef, Florida Apiary Inspection Supervisor and Florida's most major honey bee resource!

April 04 Natural Nutrition by Susanne Weber. We will be discussing the basics of nutrition and what we can do about with our gardens and home processings to get more Natural Nutrition!

April 11 St. Johns River Water Management District, What We Do and Who We Are with Jennifer Mitchell, Office of Communications, St. Johns River Water Management District, Jacksonville. Bring your questions for our specialist!!! Website: www.sjrwmd.com

April 18 Eat Your Greens by Dave Kennedy. New book by Interlachean about how greens can combat malnutrition and improve food security world wide and in your backyard! How new approaches to vegetable gardening can help protect the Florida environment! www.leafforlife.org

April 25 Pink Oyster Mushroom Raising in Florida by Pat High. Make a bag of Pink Oyster Mushroom (Pleurotus djamor)! Our favorite workshop! Put some straw in a bag, add some spawn, hang up bag and in 4 weeks ~ beautiful, delicious, fresh mushrooms! EASY! Check website pics.

May 02 Honey Bees Right Now Right Here! How to raise them and what WILL happen by Gary D Van Cleef, Florida Apiary Inspection Supervisor and Florida's most major honey bee resource!. **RESCHEDULE from March 28**

May 09 Cane Self Defense by Gray Dragon School. How to protect yourself with a simple walking stick.

May 16 Tai Chi for the Internal Environment by Tree Frog, ICC Tai Chi and Yoga Instructor


May 30 Permaculture by Pat High. Spring planting time for our ICC Permaculture Bed! Bring your compostables and drought tolerant native plant and herbs for our Hoogle Culture Bed. AND a shovel and a snack.

June 06 Don't Fence Me Out: Easements, Boundary Disputes, and Trespass by Michael Woodward. Interlachen attorney discusses local Interlachen problems!

June 13 Orange Creek Nature Park by Willie the Losen. Learn what's going on and where it came from. Willie helped start it all! On your way to Hawthorne, on left with new nature trail on right!

June 20 Solar at Solstice by Pat High. Make it go! Come make a circuit then hook up small panels to fan, light, batteries. Basic and hands on!

June 27 Make Your Own Mouthwash & Toothpaste by Tree Frog. Oral hygiene the natural way. Bring bottle for take home and tooth brush for checking it out!

July 04 Interlachen Environmental Film Festival ~ 12:00, Old Town Hall

Usual 6-8pm Enviro Class CANCELED ~ Go to the FESTIVAL ~ PARADE ~ FIREWORKS!

July 11 The Mystical Migration of the Monarchs by NOVA, PBS. Movie follows Monarch Butterflies migration, life cycles and incredible stuff. Movie we showed at 1st Interlachen Enviro Film Festival!

July 18 Confessions of an Eco Terrorist by Peter Jay Brown. Movie grants the viewer an intimate look at shipboard life among the sea rebels who shaped the green movement we know today. Peter and his associates' exploits are as much comedy as cause. They proudly fly the skull and cross-bones while performing extraordinary feats of daring on the high seas. Their fleet inflicts damage to whalers, illegal drift-netters, and seal hunters that operate illegally world-wide.

July 25 Let's Build a Water Ram Pump by Pat High. Class will build a small water ram ~ a totally self sustaining efficient pump not utilized in Western culture. Egyptians, Babylonians and everybody else cool used them. Needs no outside power source!

The always ever popular Water Ram Videos:




https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mN9iLNHGOYI Aug. 01 Now We Have a Water Ram ~ Let's Make It Go! by Pat High. We will hook up and use our new 3/4 inch PVC Water Ram Pump. We will watch short movies on operation and make a movie to send to our English Lord friend, diseseljohhnyboy, who inspired us.

Aug. 08 The Future is Fungi by Paul Stamets. How mushrooms/mycelium are an important part of earth and soil structure not to mention THE COMPOSTERS! World Famous Environmentalist and mushroom writer/grower/processor/spreader!!!

Aug. 15 Worm Raising at Home. Excellent movie on how to get started, what worms do for your soil and how much $$$ you can make!!!!

Short Videos:

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n9Mnf9ysNSs ~ 20 days time lapse worm composting

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ARgqrg2ch_0 ~ 4 kinds of worms

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aSD1_xW8slc ~ Uncle Jim's Worm Farm starting out

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AjHxt7kfPWM ~ woman with plastic bin farm

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z2iC8eDJtwo ~ Uncle Jim's Worm Farm outdoor compost pile

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IpEu-5HXDPM ~ feeding population

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=huWOOOZY6RY ~ eggs hatching

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zHYUyIKg86w ~ factory trays

Aug. 22 Let's Start a Worm Farm by Pat High. We will start our own worm farms to take home. Bring some newspaper, a good strong plastic bag and a good paper box or plastic box with lid. If you have some cool worms, bring 'em. We will provide red wigglers!

Aug. 29 Trichogramma Parasitic Wasps for Caterpillar Control by Pat High. We will watch a couple of cool short movies showing Parasitic Wasp in action. Then we will plant and take home Trichogramma Wasps attracting plant (annual) that is native to Florida.

Sept. 05 Orange Creek Nature Park by Willie the Losen. Learn what's going on and where park and nature center came from. Willie helped start it all! On your way to Hawthorne, flags on left with new nature trail on right!

Sept. 12 Canceled ~ Irma

Sept. 19 Nematodes in Florida Soils, Good Ones, Bad Ones by Pat High. What are soil nematodes, how to control bad ones and how to inoculate the 5 good ones for Florida! Do you have human nematodes? Home Remedies!

Home Remedies for Worms:



"Good" Nematode Suppliers for Biological Insect Control:



Sept. 26 Soil Test Day by Pat High. Bring your soil to class day! We will test for Nitrogen, Phosphorus, Potassium and pH with our handy dandy soil test kit with our resident Soil & Water/Enviro. Engineer. Bring samples from several spots.

Oct. 03 Questions First, Shoot Later by Michael Woodward. Discussion of Basic Gun Laws and Safety Rules in Florida. No actual guns involved. When it's okay to shoot trespassers?

Oct 10 Harvest Class! Everyone bring some harvest from your land to share. Seeds are good! Fruit is good! Roots for transplant! It's Fall planting time so let's share!

Oct 17 Natural Nutrition and Parasite Control by Susanne Weber. Learn about parasite life cycles and how to defeat them. Natural remedies and solutions! Susanne's variable homemade items will be for sale!!!

Oct 24 Pine Needle Basket Making by Tree Frog. Ancient Native American basket making using local pine needles. Come make a fall harvest basket!!!

Oct 31 Let's Make Brooms by Tree Frog and Pat High. You bring staff or favorite stick. We will bring broom grass and raffia. Take them home and sweep the spider webs, bad ghosts, and bad Halloweeny spooky stuff out. Sweep the skeletons out of our closets. This broom is also used for cleaning fire places that need to be rekindled, for jumping over for marriage, for general sweepings of your floor for dust/disease where bad spirits reside, riding for midnight witch parties and overall home wand use. One might use it to chase out a rat, a bird or a bat or even a drunk husband for that matter. We take our brooms for granted because we were raised with the concepts of brooms. Chinese, Africans and most ancient cultures never had brooms. Brooms were strong cleaning tools to our ancestors. Basically they just swept their houses, fire pits, roofs, walkways, and were healthier happier cleaner people because of brooms. Our ancestors cleaned house and barns at harvest getting ready for winter snows and winter harvest storage. Sometimes staffs were reused for generations. Remember that in the Wizard of Oz that stupid Glenda had that tacky little wand with a star on the end and the Wicked Witch of the West had a homemade broom that she waved for everything. It was the Celtic woman's grounding tool or The One of Wands.

Nov 07 Sonic Sea is an Emmy-nominated documentary about the impact of industrial and military ocean noise on whales and other marine life. It tells the story of a former U.S. Navy officer who solved a tragic mystery and changed the way we understand our impact on the ocean. The film is narrated by Rachel McAdams and features Sting, in addition to the renowned ocean experts Dr. Sylvia Earle, Dr. Paul Spong, Dr. Christopher Clark, and Jean-Michel Cousteau. Sonic Sea was produced by Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC) and Imaginary Forces in association with International Fund for Animal Welfare (IFAW) and Diamond Docs.

Nov 14 Fall Planting of Our Permiculture Bed. It's Fall planting time so bring shovel, frost hardy plant &/or some soil building compostable to class for revitalizing our permiculture bed on the ICC front lawn. Herbs are good!

Nov 21 Passive Solar Intro by Pat High ~ Happy Safe Thanksgiving!!!

Nov 28 Passive Solar by Garry Trafford. Bring 5 gallon bucket painted black and we will cut holes, add air line and have solar heater/dryer for winter!

Dec 05 Christmas Ornaments for Your Favorite Tree! We will make edible Christmas ornaments for our bird friends outta organic popcorn. You can bring things to cover with popcorn.

Dec 12 Quail Raising in Interlachen by Renee Ward. Quail are clean, one of the easiest and most efficient birds to raise. Their eggs are one of the MOST nutritious not to mention cute. I think chickens are nasty and bring alotta disease around a home ~ I find quail healthier and cooler not to mention how cute the crazy tiny babies are! Renee is a local quail raiser who will tell all and have birds and eggs.

Dec 19 PARTY ~ Bring something you made to share and tell us how you made it! Maybe from your Land! Maybe to eat ~ Maybe not!!! ~ MERRY SAFE CHRISTMAS

Dec 26 CANCELED ~ Center is Closed for Holiday!

Jan 02 2018 CANCELED ~ Center is Closed for Holiday!

Jan 09 Astrology for 2018. How to make an astrology chart. How to interpret for gardening, weather, health, birth charts, what next year holds for us all!!!

Jan 16 Florida Mushroom Festival 2018 ~ What did you learn, what happened, what needs to happen? Mushroom Talk!

Jan 23 Honey Bees for LIFE! by Vonthella Regl. Local beekeeper will share the does and don't of BEEKEEPING in Interlachen. How helpful is the county?

Jan 30 Simple Solar Collector for the Home by Pat High. Our most requested workshop! Solar works well in Florida!

Feb 06 Simple Green House for the Home or Backyard by Pat High. Very small! How to build. Let's get started!!!

Feb 13 Passion Flower for Valentines Day by Tree Frog. Healing and relaxing herb for opening our openness. Red and purple varieties are different. We will have red passion flower starts for sharing. Anyone have any purple? Passion Flower Tea for our snacks!

Feb 20 Swallowtail Organic Farm by Noah Shitama. What it takes to start and run Gainesville's most successful organic farm!

Feb 27 Get Rockin' by Pat High, lithological (rock) engineer. There are only 7 base matrix metals on earth ~ there are only 7 basic rocks on earth! Come learn how to identify rock and what they are good for!

Mar 6 World of Soils by Pat High. Let's look at the world's soils and where they came from! What are they good for and how were they made?

Mar 13 Florida Soils by Pat High. Let's look at the Florida's soils and where they came from! What are they good for and how were they made?

Mar 20 SEED SWAP ~ CANCELED due to weather ~ RESCHEDULED next week

Mar 27 **RESCHEDULED** SEED SWAP!! Southern Heritage Seed Collective by Melissa Desa. North Florida seed collective want to maintain resilient local food community. How to save our locally adapted seed stock!

Apr 03 Mushroom Idenification Trilogy by Taylor Lockwood. Incredible mushroom idenification MASTER. Hour long movie (3 parts) plus extras. World's most incredible mushroom photographer. http://mushroom.pro/a_products/dvds/mit/mit_trailer.php

Apr 10 Mushrooms of America by Taylor Lockwood and The Good, the Bad and the Deadly by Taylor Lockwood. Continuing our mushroom idenification series with 2 incredible and beautiful movies!!! 1 hr each. http://mushroom.pro/index.php

Apr 17 Spirits of the Forest by Taylor Lockwood. Travel with Taylor Lockwood across the globe to find the most beautiful bioluminescent mushrooms on Earth. This is why he is famous! One of the world's most incredible visual events!!! PLEASE PLEASE CHECK http://mushroom.pro/a_products/dvds/stf/stf.dvd.trailer.php

Apr 24 Mushroom Mayhem! Make-a-Bag of PINK OYSTER MUSHROOMS by Pat High. Come make-a-bag of STRAW and Pink Oyster Mushroom spawn (Pleurotus djamor) to take home, hang in shade and in 4 weeks enjoy your Pinkies! Learn to grow mushrooms!!!

May 01 Photography 101 with Taylor Lockwood (movie) ~ Macro Mushroom Confidential. It's all of his photo secrets with whole 1st section on basic photography (still). Explains from simple to the most incredible photos in the world! Bring cameras! Bring pictures!!! 1 hr plus extras

May 08 Solar Home Water Distiller by Donna Stuart. Home to make and use a home water distiller!

May 15 Canceled ~ Due to Weather

May 22 What is Florida Water and Where Does It Come From by Pat High

May 29 Canceled ~ Gone to Virginia

June 05 Zappers and Dr. Hulda Clark by Pat High. Will bring Zapper and we can all zap. Does it work? Why is selling them illegal? Is it a miracle cure for removing all bugs, disease particles and metals from the human body? Works on me!

June 12 Chloroforms, Pyrochloroforms in Our Water and Killing Us by Pat High. What are chloroforms, how are they killing us and changing all life forms? It is now legal if gov notifies us in the newspaper???

June 19 Water Filters vs Distillers by Pat High. Looking at the facts. Homemade vs store bought. Where is $$$ technology. Where is backyard technology?

June 26 Putnam County Water, Then and Now by Pat High. Let's do our own water test and see what we got. How is our water changing???

July 03 Field Trip to Orange Creek Nature Park. Anniversery Party and Enviromental event. Will meet at Center at 6:00 and carpool. Park is located 1.3 miles east of Hawthorne on Hwy 20. Where they are building that big bridge across from white fence and big flags! Free with treats!

July 10 Pine Needle Baskets by Tree Frog. Ancient Native American art skill for weaving baskets, mats, whatever. Let's start a project!

July 17 Pine Needle Baskets by Tree Frog. Let's finish our basket!

July 24 Dream Catchers by Ronnie Stevens. Hang a dream catcher near your bed and have beautiful dreams. Catches or filters out the negative stuff. We will have bamboo and willow for making the circles. You can bring the shells, feather, beads, sparkley stuff and big smiles. Take home an ancient Native American Dream Catcher!

July 30 Pumpkinz! Our pumpkins have taken over our garden! Think it's the weather. They are beautiful! Come discuss how Native Americans grew and used this incredible plant while we hack one to bits! Everyone can take home a piece. We will make skin cream from the raw ~ Super rich in beta carotenes, super absorbable vitamins and minerals and natural sunscreens.

Aug 7 Homemade Insect Repellent by Tree Frog. We will use our lemon grass and rosemary from our permiculture bed with witch hazel. Really works!!!




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