Florida Monarch Butterfly Migration

Interlachen Environmental Film Festival

Holding the Interlachen Environmental Film Festival on July 4th at our Old Town Hall starting at 12:00. Our focus will be monarch butter flies and old growth forest in Florida/Southeast/US. We want to try and make it a yearly event. Donation basis ~ goes to Interlachen Historical Society to help restore the Interlachen Old Black School House. Other cultural events July 4th will be the Baby Crawl and Car Show, parade at 10:00, FREE Hoop Class at the Caboose at 11:00 with vendors, music, kiddy stuff until 2 then fireworks at dark!!!! Interlachen is Happenin'!

We would like to thank Trish Riley and her Gainesville Environmental Film Festival, Cinema Verde, as co-presenters for assistance with movies and overall support. Thanks Trish!


The Mystical Migration of the Monarch (USA, 35 min) Directed by Suzanne Damrich and Fairn Whatley – A story about a monarch butterfly, her vanishing habitat, and her unique relationship to the Gulf Coast. http://www.weebly.com/uploads/4/4/0/1/44012861/august_trailer_the_mystical_migration_of_the_monarch_410.mp4

Tree Huggers (Canada, 10 min) Directed by Jordan Yeager – British Columbia is one of the last places on earth logging old growth forests. In the face of climate change, old growth forestry isn’t just a threat to species living in the area–it’s a threat to the world itself.

Call of the Forest - The Forgotten Wisdom of Trees (Canada, 85 min) Directed by Jeff McKay – Diana Beresford-Kroeger’s journey explores our profound biological and spiritual connection to trees. From Japan to California and Ireland to Germany, to Vancouver Island and across to the great Boreal Forest, Diana meets people who are taking the lead in replanting, restoring, and protecting the last of these great ancient forests. As the journey progresses, the film explores the science, folklore, and history of this essential, and often overlooked, ecosystem. Beresford-Kroeger reminds us that when we improve our profound human connection to woodlands we improve our profound human connection to woodlands we can not only restore our health, we can also restore our planet. https://vimeo.com/185080512

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