Hoop for Peace Contest!


Hoop for Peace! July 2, 2016

Prizes Sponsored by Kula Yoga, Golden Biscuit, and Hoops by Tree Frog

HOOPLA in New Smyrna Beach Oct. 3, 2015

Prizes Sponsored by The Dolphin View Restaurant, The Half Wall, and Donna's Canal Street Creamery

Personal Instruction


Group Sessions

Up to 7 $225

Hoop Sticker!

Hoops For Sale

Large 42" diameter custom polyethylene tubing $25

Medium 34" diameter custom polyethylene tubing 20

Small 26" diameter custom polyethylene tubing 15

Poi Circles 20-24"" diameter/variable custom polyethylene tubing 2/20

PolyPropylene ~ "PolyPro"

Custom Made Push Button Collapsible


Email moveandstretch@yahoo.com

Check out these tutorials.

Hoop Size https://youtu.be/T8AJLSXzlEI

Stretch b4 U Hoop https://youtu.be/X0xaUuZXsxs

how2hoop https://youtu.be/fz6cQqUdNJM

Healthy Hooping https://youtu.be/PnWOnEf2yP0

Move and Stretch with Hoops https://youtu.be/gn3u1TyYwX8

Contact moveandstretch@yahoo.com or 386-546-6554.


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