Meteorite Magic

Until the late 1800’s fallen stars, meteorites or bætals were thought by Western culture to be natural weather phenomenon like lightning or hail. Ancient European, African, Asian, Australian, Native North and South American cultures never questioned their extra-terrestrial origins. They all considered meteorites holy heavenly presents of prophecy. Falling stars give off light during a certain portion of their fall. This magical light prompted a recent NASA quote, “The majority of the mass of a meteor escapes through the rainbow spectrum of light.” This escaped mass cannot be accounted for by them, and questions Einstein’s theory of relativity (E = mc2 where matter and energy can be neither created or destroyed). Oh, while the meteor is giving off light is exactly when we are supposed to make our wish!

Most meteorites are of a chalky type that crumble on impact or achrondrite. They look like concrete right out of the bag. They are just various particles held loosely together that shatter on impact. Many people consider these the source of silicate crystal meteorites. Many stoney ones go unrecognized because they resemble terrestrial rocks so closely. Of the few recovered bætals, nickel-iron meteorites predominate. These are mostly iron, some containing high quantities of silicates and impurities. Other high quality ones are 95% iron and 5% nickel. These were early people’s only source of smelted metals/steel until the Iron Age. These are believed to be the elfin steel of the magical swords that broke the other unsmelted wrought iron swords in European, Asian and African herstories/histories. King Arthur’s Excalibur is said to be a sword from a very dense heavy stone from the sky and hammered (pulled) by short people in caves. Sir Thomas Mallory's complete quote, "a sword pulled from a stone from the sky". Attila the Huns sword that brought down Rome and most all magical Arabian and Chinese swords, daggers and bells are meteoric as well. The largest consumers of nickel-iron bætals today are Japan and Thailand, for bell and sword making. The Tibetan monks use Shicote from Russia for their Tibetan Bells seventh and secret ingredient or smelted iron for hardness and tone quality. The bell at Hiroshima that is rung once a year is from Shicote. Metal meteorites have been valued for providing protection and as truth binding amulets by all ancient cultures.

Solid crystal meteorites are called Tektite. These are clear quartz (silicon dioxide) with different metals providing the color. Some Libyan Glass is 99% clear quartz. Mystery and mysterious are the words most applied to this bætals by science. It is clear to gold to greenish. Some with stripes. Most recent finds are white. All comes from the Great Sand Sea Desert in Egypt and Libya falling 28 million years ago. Several pharaohs had large cut pieces on staffs and amulets. King Tut’s breast plate has a huge Libyan Glass scarab over his heart (see pic). It was quite highly prized by sun worshiping dynasties. Because it was formed in a colder sun or whatever, it has the interesting property of appearing to glow in low light situations. It has an “All is one” effect as opposed to the me me me effect of moldavite. Integration and oneness! Harmony and balance ALL at once. Many consider Libyan Glass heart oriented but meteorites born of other suns have different frequencies to their quarks inside their atoms. These move more slowly in Libyan Glass and are as pure as they are clear! Much of Egypt’s evolved and sharing attitude is attributed to the long term effects of this fallen star on their and African cultures. The current Egyptian government has halted it’s export.

Green crystal meteorites, a form of tektite, are called Moldavite and fell 15 million years ago in the Molda River Valley in Czechoslovakia. They are composed of clear quartz (silicon dioxide) with aluminum and titanium bonded together (not alloyed). Remember being taught in chemistry class that metals and non-metals form true covalent bonds and only metals and non-metals, never two metals. Well, that rule applies only in gravitational fields. In outer space, or non-gravitational fields, metals form true covalent bonds. Moldavite is the origin of Superman’s Kryptonite and the clear aluminum of Star Trek fame. Some say that Moldavite is from an exploded planet around the Cygon sun of the Pleiadian constellation. Others say it’s the windshield out of an ancient spaceship. In the Middle Ages it was confiscated by Popes and English Queens/Kings because it made people think their own thoughts and talk about aliens. One Roman story was that it is the part of heaven mentioned in the Christian Bible when Gabriel threw some angel (not Satan) outta heaven in the Battle of the Light and the Dark. The Holy Grail is considered to have been from Moldavite and used by the ancient Cesarean healer-women (correct area anyway). It would have been the first fire safe high heat cookware for serious sterilization It is considered linked with the origin of sterilization and surgery. Currently, the Czech government, the Queen of England and the Pope are the world’s largest owners of Moldavite (confiscated from their ancient peasantry). The book Moldavite: Starborn Stone of Transformation has additional information.

Black tektites, or African dark crystals, are 126 metals bonded together in clear quartz – remember our planet only has 7 actual natural metals. They fell 65 million years ago in a band across North Africa, Saudi Arabia, the Indian Ocean, Southern India, Thailand and Northwestern Australia. They are considered the fall that killed the dinosaurs. In all the places black tektites fell, people have considered them to be oracle stones since before the last ice age. Many were put under their temples (see Merlin Stone’s Ancient Mirrors of Womenhood or Buffy Johnson’s The Lady of the Beast). All 7 Ancient Oracles kept tektites as the focus of their shrine. They were found under each of the three pillars of the Minoan temple at Knossos, Crete, as well as the many other ancient women’s sites. The Temple of Diana at Ephesus (one of the 7 wonders of the ancient world) housed a Dark Crystal as it’s main focus. Most were eventually destroyed by the conquering male armies, but the one belonging to the Goddess Elat or Eliot (Ishtar) survives today in the Kabba in Mecca, Saudi Arabia. The Kabba is the sacred temple of the Moslem's and lies within the sacred city of Mecca toward which all Moslems must pray and make a pilgrimage (see Washington Irving’s Life of Mohammed, for the Moslem’s ritual and pre-Mohammedan herstory). Interestingly, Moslems pray to a god five times a day facing Mecca, but all of their bowing is to a fallen star stolen from a Goddess shrine! The prophecy of the Koran came form the Oracle of Amman. The prophecy of the Christian Bible came from Delphi. The Gallic Prophecies from Ephesus. Black Tektite cuts beautifully and has an interesting sparkle. Exposure seems to be link to prophecy ~ ask any Moslem who has been on the pilgrimage! Colombianite is from the eastern slopes of the Colombian Andes with very little having been found. They are clear silver quartz and probably high in aluminums but I’ve found no printed material. Mine came from a friend, who went there looking and bought them from local farmers. They seem very laid back energy. Our other basic type of meteorite matter is the stoney and stoney iron class. Most bætals are achondrites and chondrite. Achondrite is loosely held concrete like ball that scatters on impacts. Maybe the origin of tektites. None ever recovered intact. Chondrites are similar but solid containing fusion metals, undefined matter, undifferentiated matter, chondrules and whatever else they smashed into. The fusion metals are all the metals in our solar system in one born from the fusion energy of our sun’s solar fusion. The rest is mainly silicates with the white being magnesium. The more white or magnesium the closer and hotter it’s formation. The small white circles are chrondrules. When our sun exploded in her "big bang" there was so much energy turning to mass that there was no place for the lightest particles to go so they caved in on itself and became our realities only form of solid light ~ "freeze dried light"! Smaller achrondrites and chrondrites slam into each other and stick together forming larger and larger masses with planets being the end results. Excellent unity energy. They are the stem cells of the universe from which our whole solar system formed. They roam freely throughout universe ~ from solar system to solar system. Maybe reality to reality. Many are from other sun, other solar systems, other galaxies. Universal transformation!

Stoney iron meteorites can be the result of several different types of meteorites coming together or brecciation. I find these the most fascinating of all. Some have been picked up by comets and contain many hydrocarbons, amino acids, undefined matter and crystals. See O. Richard Norton’s Rocks from Space for chemical analysis. Wanna carry a pocket rock that contains ancient frozen light from another Sun or amino acids from the other end of the universe with alittle comet head thrown in? Many types occur but pallasites are the most beautiful of the meteorites to me. Pallasites are most likely chrondrite materials that have been pick up by comets. Being heated and thawed repeatedly as they make their infinite trip from Pluto to the sun, they separate out into the fusion metals and their silicates. The silicates in some are very colorful like Excel or fascinating clear like Admiral. Fascinating energy, each very different. The stuff of wizard and time travelers!

Carbonaceous meteorites are our oldest sources of extra terrestrial carbon matrix matter and amino acids. They show the highest degree of metamorphosis of any meteoric matter and are our only source of organic carbon compounds, fatty acids extraterrestrial water. They show evidence of freezing and thawing many times over many many millennium forming some incredible structures and minerals unique only unto themselves. Serpentines are common. Many are magnetic with no metals present? Some are known to have come from comet tail sections we passed directly through. Some even hold inclusions that show traits that predate what we define as matter or our universe. Tales/tails of other worlds! The meteorite chemistry world is in a mad evolution revolution today but we do know that many non-earthly metals (and things) are present and by 1985, seventy-four amino acids had been positively identified. Eight of these are associated with protein synthesis in living systems and are biologically significant on Earth. The remaining fifty-five amino acids are not found on Earth.

Meteorites are all named by fall site and then numbered. Each fall is unique and many have a recorded chemical analysis. They can be sent for free chemical identification to the Smithsonian Institute and the Michigan Institute of Technology. They seem to all be metal and or silicates with their variation being trace metals and differences from formation energies. All have long been associated with ancient magic and unexplainable phenomena. Is reality all one? Are Earth/Universe/Mom/reality just one ever inter-splashing homogeneous blend of the same stuff simply changing energy levels and places forever? Are meteorites just the little tricksters slipping through the little holes and time? Do they bring the whole universe right into our own back yards? Are they a universal randomness helping to integrate and harmonize all of existence through all on a universal collective consciousness level. So remember, when you see a meteorite light up in the night sky....... WISH!

Universal Blessings!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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