Hermaphrodites Control the World!

One beautiful afternoon while chasing Florida bugs with my garden sprayer I began laughing at my absurd sillyness. "A wise wytch would be raising the bugs," a mosquito swam screamed in both my ears at once! Florida insects are so incredible! I remembered how most all insects spend some portion of their life in the soil and about soil nematodes. I wondered if other Florida folk might want a simpler bug reality. (There are 30 varieties that eat fleas, for example.) I called UF and they got totally excited! Wendy Wilbur with the Master Garden Program is going to help me with Florida retail marketing and UF Extension with wholesale. Anyone can apply nematodes with a ordinary garden sprayer ~ spraying the soil. Wanna know why I love nematodes and think they are the finest Christmas present of all?

Nematodes are predatory self fertilizing hermaphrodites (females) that change to ordinary female and males when stressed (with ordinary female X male reproduction). Stressed means alotta food or a challenge. They can either keep themselves genetically stable in their normal state as self fertilizing hermaphrodites or out produce most anything on the planet in terms of bulk mass within just a few days using heterosexual reproduction. They are considered poisonous worms but really they kill by injecting poisonous bacteria into a victim. A fly can be knocked outta the air in 3 seconds with this early form of snake venom! Every human has nematodes, in fact, untold billions. They are crawling through every organ of your body right now! Your brain, liver, heart, etc.! Next to viruses, bacteria and algae, these critters are the most abundant life form on earth. Microscopic liver/brain flukes to 8 inch doggie heart worms are common types. There are 500,000 in any teaspoon of soil on Earth!

Nematodes are alot like mollusk in that they are mostly massive labia and a way to feed it (remember my article "Grylz Make Pearlz"). These massive labia have hooks that latch onto prey injecting them with poisonous phosphorescent bacteria. Then the nematodes suck out the liquefied insides leaving a perfect mummy! Human nematodes are parasites and do lots of destructive things but at some point most latch on, inject poison, suck continuing to inject poison and suck. These poisons give a "speed" effect to their victims ~ while deplete them. All are fascinating very diverse life forms. Microscopic soil nematodes migrate at 3 miles per year! In general, nematodes control the population growth of most everything from trees to grass, from fish to bugs to birds. They are extremely species specific and I am going to be raising only 5 different native soil types. These Little Warriors will control most any insect population in Florida very rapidly then turn back to and hang out as peaceful hermaphrodites ~ until populations get outta control again ~ sorta like Happily Ever After ~ sorta like.

Contact Pat High at or 386-546-6554 for upcoming workshops, info and nematodes. Apply nematodes in March and April ~ Good and natural for any soil or garden!

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