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5 Cool Mushroom Cultivation Projects for Hot Southern Climates

Did you think it was too hot or dry to grow mushrooms in the South? Tradd Cotter's workshop will cover several easy methods of cultivating edible mushrooms, composting with fungi, and recycling household and farm waste. Topics include gardening with mushrooms, outdoor cultivation techniques, and organic ways to avoid problematic pests. Grow your own mushrooms!

Tradd began Mushroom Mountain in 1996, as a concept for a farm of the future. The farm is now becoming an ecotourism hotspot for everyone interested in learning about the amazing world of fungi, and is home to the best mushroom trail on the planet. Tradd, Olga and growing Heidi have a company that focuses on the needs of the planet, developing food and systems for filtering water, creating prototypes for novel antibiotic discovery, isolating target specific myco-pesticides to replace chemical pesticides for problematic insects, and many other projects that use fungi to harmonize our coexistence with nature.

The Blue Portal is Tradd and Olga's new Psilocybin research center in Jamaica combining ancient world ritual and understanding with current medical and scientific knowledge to provide a one-on-one mediated psychedelic experience. A mediated psychedelic experience is a powerful and safe tool that can be life-changing. Psilocybin is non-toxic and non-addictive, unlike some pharmaceutical treatments that are a “pill a day” or “band-aid” approach to ignoring the deep, underlying issues that cause a particular unwanted condition such as depression, anxiety, PTSD, obesity, alcoholism, nicotine addiction, and other substance abuse concerns. Our treatment locations are comfortable beds in a room with candlelight and comforting artwork and light music. Participants are recommended to wear the eye shades provided to direct their journey within and to explore your consciousness deep and far beyond your superficial levels of awareness. The eye shades provided allow for your eyes to open and close without touching the shades to give you a sense of total darkness and the ability to roam your thoughts and landscape without ever standing up, much like the experience of a virtual reality simulation, where you control the visions. Psilocybin at a dose of 5-7 grams has an onset of about 20 minutes as your sensations of touch and sight begin to amplify. About 30-45 minutes into the experience you will drop into the full spectrum of the session, the most powerful arena, which amazingly lasts about 3-4 hours. It is during this time that participants will unlock doors and discover potential solutions to their pain and suffering, or see the reality in a whole new light. Your mediator is there at all times for any or no discussion, it is totally up to you to ask for advice or comfort if the experience is overwhelming at times. The last 2 hours of the session are very rewarding, as you are snug in your new skin, and your body and mind relax into the most comforting and content sleepiness, exhaustion from the intensity and progress has made you tired, and so most may find sleep the best option.

A full orientation of expectations and guidance is provided a month before your session. Preparing mentally and physically before a session begins weeks in advance, and your mediator will contact you with specific recommendations to make the most out of your healing session.


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Author, Organic Mushroom Farming and Mycoremediation (Chelsea Green 2014)

Clemson University Student Entrepreneur of the Year Winner

EPA Clemson Fellowship Award Winner

North American Wild Mushroom Safety Certification Program, Designer/Chief Instructor (SC,NC,GA)

North American Mycological Association Emergency Mushroom Toxicology Contact







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