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water, Water, WATER!!!

Ever drink any water? Ever wash ur face? U know what I'm talking about then? Clear, pure, kinda wet? Floats ur boat and flushes ur ...... Well, anyway, taken for granted everyday. Granted by the US Gov. The US Gov used to be "WE THE PEOPLE" and She was our water but not anymore ~ it's there water now and granted to us since 1802. U see all water is federal, owned by the federal gov, ruled by the Coop of Engineers. The Coop of Engineers is a branch of the US military, just like the Army but not the Army. Many people think they are part of the Army but they are not. They are a separate branch of the US military under the US Constitution and funded separately. Our military is under the direct control of our Commander and Chief, or President, as is our water. An actual water right is an owned deed to water and water access by citizens in states with legislated water deeds ~ just like property deeds, but to water. Water rights only exist in Southwestern states ~ hold overs from old Spanish water law and land grants. Definitely, not in Florida! Water cases here are state property law. One goes federal if one wishes to pursue water issues ~ to question a citizen's rights ~ or one must peruse state property law. Sorta like desegregation, riding in the back of the bus or abortion ~ one citizen's right. Most people in our state have been horribly mis-educated around water issues and actual water facts. States are only allowed to regulate the granted water with permits through water districts. Districts just measure stuff and have no power to control regulation. If U remember, the recent Supreme Court case involving Atlanta's Lake Lanier (Corp of Engineers) vs the City of Atlanta where several Southern states filed several cases ~ where Bush stepped in and decided Atlanta could have all our aqua's water they wanted. Remember, right after Crist was selected or whatever ~ I question that election ~ when Crist got all excited for a minute then sat down and was their good boy? Well, Alabama pushed the Alabama/Florida suite and IT WAS OVERTURNED in the US Supreme Court January 11. We Won! This aqua feeds Florida and is our fresh water. It creates our flow, our pressure, our springs! These springs ARE the source of our fresh water rivers ~ the cleaning and life giving system for all of Florida. This is huge for our trees, animals and Life! Our springs would have been further lowered. Our rivers would have become more stagnant. Less fresh water means less river life which means less coastal life. All ocean life relies on the nutrients delivered by our river systems. Does this ruling, particularly it's timing, show a basic change in attitude for our Supreme Court? Is Obama actually having some impact???

If one looks to the "his-story" of Florida water, one finds most of it is illegal and definitely not operating under the Conserved Rights of the US Constitution. What has happen here? This is nutz! Coconutz!!! What are "WE THE PEOPLE" allowing!!! Ever wonder why no federal oversight cases are filed? Ever wonder why Florida acts like an island ~ outside federal control so often? Could it be greed and massive amounts of federal $$$ tied to water?

Florida gets massive federal $$$ surrounding water ~ huge bridges, shores, roads, maintenance, wetlands and STORM DAMAGE! We get the most federal bridge $$$ for our many our bridged bays and inlets. Huge federal bridges everywhere to nowhere. Very small islands with HUGE VERY expensive bridges. Little roads in the middle of nowhere with huge Barge Canal bridges ~ still being maintained even though the Barge Canal project was an admitted failure years ago. And who gets, spends and accounts for all this $$$? One closed inbred little state/fed group answering only to themselves operating one of the largest federal games I ever saw. We keep fixin' up and destroying the same pieces of property over and over and over and over while, of course, paying maintenance on it. These gov folk seem awfully tangled up with construction folk who are our developer folks. Why have these state gov folk been legislating themselves prime land in federal areas??? State legislators can't do that but have been for years. Federal senators (and friends) involved in Florida water, bridges and storm $$$ seem to do quite well, as well. My well is drying up.........

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